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Our imported fiberglass flagpoles are products that have been produced since 1958 and used
by major projects and companies of the world, including the Rio Olympics.
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Fiberglass Flagpoles

Guide Fiberglass flagpoles are a material that provides higher wind resistance at a much lower weight than aluminum or steel. It is resistant to bad weather conditions. Our flag poles maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time with their special coating. Its strength, low weight, durable coating are just some of the many reasons why fiberglass flagpoles are a good choice. Flagpole Types;

Types and Features of Flagpoles

It is made of maintenance-free light-resistant glass fiber polyester. They are produced in standard lengths of 6-12 m. It has a self-cleaning feature thanks to rain.

Flagpole with Upgradeable Starboard Arm

Fixed Starboard Arm Flagpole

Internal Rope Endless Rotating Flagpole

Why Fiberglass?

Installers love fiberglass flagpoles as they are easy to transport and install. Fiberglass flagpoles do not need to be painted. The standard color is white and goes well with most door or window frames, fences and other residential decorative elements. It is a material with high wind permeability but light in weight. Thanks to the gel coating, it preserves its color and shine and does not require maintenance.

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